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This Week in Downend (W/C 1st April 2019)

This week in Downend, Nursery have been busy welcoming some caterpillars into the room. They received them as eggs, and quickly they have turned into caterpillars. The children have been taking a good look at the caterpillars and learning about the process from eggs to butterflies, and enjoyed listening to the story of the ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ with props to match as they read along.  Babies discovered the texture of self-made gloop this week, feeling the slimy consistency and making marks in it with their hands and different tools. On a rainy day Nursery brought some colour into the room with a big parachute, the staff placed balls in the middle and went ‘shake, shake, shake’ to make the balls bounce around – it was very funny. The children then enjoyed a game of hide and seek, and shouted BOO as loud as they could when they found them.

This week in Kindergarten they have been busy making the first ever batch of fresh Red Bus Jam! Delicious! The children cut up the strawberries very carefully, added blackberries and then they mashed up all of the fruit using a potato masher. Kindergarten also received a delivery of caterpillars, and they discussed what they thought they would look like when they turned into caterpillars. Some children put their idea on paper, and painted their own butterfly. Outside on the tarmac using frozen paint lollies Kindergarten brightened up the floor with lots of different colours and patterns.

In Pre-School this week they have been discussing Spring and talking about baby animals, so in cooking this week when they made some yummy cakes they decided to decorate them as lambs, so cute! Outside the children have been practising their balancing and throwing in the Red Bus assault course, as well as playing in their new car… beep, beep, coming through! In the construction area some children have been building some tall towers and mighty castles and in woodwork this week they have been using tools, such as hammers, saws and tape measures and have been making guitars, cars and robots – wow!