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This Week in Downend (W/C 15th April 2019)

This week in Downend, Nursery have been hopping mad on a mini egg hunt, searching around the room to find the hidden eggs. They have also been decorating some plain eggs using bright coloured paint and glitter, so sparkly! Outside the children have been practising their walking by pushing the babies in the pushchairs around the garden and using the lawn mower to cut the grass.

In Kindergarten this week they have spent lots of time outdoors enjoying the sunshine. Some children used chalk to draw GIANT dinosaurs on the garden floor, they looked super scary, and some children have been trying to blow the biggest bubbles…..POP, wow that was a big one! There has been lots of mark making this week, drawing around their hands and using the big dabber pens to make different prints. The children have also been evaluating risks this week by exploring different ways of getting round the obstacle course in the garden.

Pre-School this week have been getting ready for Easter by making some yummy chocolate nest cakes and decorating some plain eggs to make them bright and colourful. They have also been making some pictures inspired by the story ‘Barry the Fish’ as well as practising their woodwork by making a super-fast racing car……VROOM! Some children also had their face painted and got to pick what they wanted on their face.