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This Week in Downend (W/C 13th May 2019)

This week in Downend, Nursery have been making the most of the beautiful weather by spending lots of time outdoors. Outside the children enjoyed making sandcastles in the sandpit using buckets and spades and they also had some new farm animals so decided to get them a little messy in some muddy gloop SQUELCH they went! Back in the room the children have been getting creative with some large floor painting discovering how to make lots of different marks with different tools. In the physical room the babies have been musical monkeys exploring different instruments and seeing what sounds they make.

WOW what a messy week in Kindergarten! The children have been painting on windows and mixing colours together using toy cars. Outside they have been looking around for insects, they found a super shiny beetle…wow! It was time for the butterflies to leave this week but before they flew away they choose to sit on the adults hands letting the children see them up close. With the lovely sunny weather the children have been spending lots of time outdoors and have been noticing their shadows on the floor and even the fence!

In Pre-School this week the children have enjoyed spending lots of time in the sunny garden. They have been getting messy with paint and water play where the water was bright blueeeeee! The children also explored the different coloured chalks making lots of pretty pictures and shapes in the garden. Lastly they have been building different forms of transport with different materials, the children made a boat and spaceship……WHOOSH!