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This Week in Downend (W/C 11th March 2019)

This week in Downend, Nursery have been taking part in lots of different messy sensory activities! They explored various foods, such as yogurt with food colouring, fruit pots with mashed up fruit, rice cakes and many more, the children discovered the different textures, tastes and smells that different food items had. The children also took part in an emptying and filing mathematical activity where they created a squirrel using a bottle and then the children used spoons, bottles and scoops to fill the squirrel up with yummy food. Towards the end of the week some babies visited the dining room where they had a story and puppet activity – the adult read the story whilst using the puppet and the children helped to make the sound effects… ‘quack, quack’!

In Kindergarten this week the children have been busy looking for worms in the garden, they found little ones and HUGE ones, some children were feeling particularly brave as they held the big worm “it’s so wiggly”. Back in the room the children went on a fossil hunt and while carefully brushing through sand found lots of hidden dinosaur bones. After World Book Day the children have been really interested in exploring all of the different story books in the room, and this week the children made some houses out of straw, bricks and sticks – can you guess which book they were reading?! They hid the pigs in the houses away from the big bad wolf!

This week in Pre-School they have been focusing on creative writing. They read the ‘Mr Men’ book – ‘Mr Messy’ and afterwards the children and staff worked together to create their own Mr Men & Little Miss characters – what would your character be? In cooking this week they made vegan cake and decorated them with jam and sprinkles…. yummy! The children enjoyed some team bonding this week as they participated in lots of different games where they had to help each other. In the art room they got messy exploring some colourful pasta and making pink playdough and finally, not forgetting about their vegetable garden, they made sure the plants had enough water to keep them strong and healthy