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This Week in Downend (W/C 10th June 2019)

This week in Downend, Nursery have been enjoying a teddy bears picnic, feeding their teddies food from the role play area…yummy! In cooking this week the children have been busy making some dairy free shortbread, helping to add and mix the ingredients together. In the sensory tray the children found orange and lime jelly, the children investigated the cold slimy texture with their fingers and cutlery. Lastly in the art area the children have been practising with the playdough shape cutters creating lots of different shapes out of the dough.

In Kindergarten this week the children have been exploring scented playdough which smelt like toothpaste… minty! Some children have been practising their drawing skills this week, drawing faces of people they know  “this is my daddy” and some have been creating pasta bracelets, threading the pasta into pipe cleaners. Lastly in cooking this week the children baked dinosaur shortbread. 

This week in Pre-School they have been discussing going on holiday! The role play area has been changed to be a travel agents where they have been busy making lists of what to take on holiday and even made their own passports. The children have also been pretending to cycle on holiday going to Spain, France and Cornwall…..phew, hard work! At the woodwork station this week Pre-School have been practising using wood nails and corks creating robots and woodpeckers! Lastly the children all worked together to create and decorate a scarecrow.