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This Week in Downend (W/C 10th February 2020)

This week in Downend, some Nursery children braved the outdoors while the weather was calm. They visited the rooftop garden and investigated their climbing frame, carefully working out how to climb up the steps. To celebrate Valentines Day the children have been having lots of red and pink themed sensory trays, one was filled with shredded paper and balloons and another with lots of different red objects, such as cards and blocks. In the Art area some babies made some heart pictures using stamps and paint.

In Kindergarten this week they have been baking some yummy short bread, the children rolled it out flat and using a shaped cutter made them into flower biscuits. Outside they have been exploring a sensory tray filled with shaving foam, when they searched through the foam they found lots of bugs hidden as well as shell… can you hear the sea? In the Art area the children have been painting but instead of using paint brushes have been using tooth brushes, they found that they made a great pattern on the paper.

This week in Pre-School they have also been baking some biscuits. The children rolled out the biscuit dough and shaped them into hearts and once cooked they decorated them with pink, red and white icing. In the Art Studio the children have been making some love potions with lots of different beakers, the children mixed the water and colours together to create the coloured liquids and just a touch of glitter to make it sparkle. Lastly some children decided to make some heart shaped cards for their friends and family, Happy Valentines Day!