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This Week in Downend (W/C 10th August 2020)

This week in Downend the babies have been exploring different animal activities including water play! To cool down from the very hot weather, some babies investigated frozen animals, working out how to melt the ice to free the animals. Some children enjoined an animal song book called “Animal boogie” and the children used animal puppets to follow the story!

Kindergarten this week have been playing in their new cosy book nook in their newly extended room. During a very hot week the children decided to participate in toddler yoga! They listened to the book “Meddy Teddy” along with Meddy Teddy himself. The children joined in yoga poses such as the tree and the happy baby.  To cool down after this Kindergarten had a special treat of a yummy ice lolly!

Pre-School this week have been practising their writing skills with a drawing activity. Some children decided to draw their very own roller coasters using a variety of colours, whilst others practised writing their name using the stencils to help. Pre-School have also spend a lot of time outside in the lovely weather where they built an obstacle course around the garden, working in groups to complete! They finished off a very hot day having the bubble machine and the sprinklers on – HOW FUN!