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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 9th September 2019)

This week at Coombe Dingle, our babies had a roarsome time exploring a big cat themed tray! There were books to read, toy lions and tigers to stomp through cereal pops, and some crinkly striped tissue paper – the children got really involved, feeling all the different textures with their hands. Some children this week experimented with different food types. The children used their hands to explore all the different bowls – sticky custard, crunchy cornflakes, dusty flour! The start of September brings with it a new season, and our babies have been getting involved in lots of Autumnal crafts. The children painted beautiful leaves, using brushes, rollers and stamps to make marks on leaf shapes. The leaves will make a beautiful tree display in the cloakroom – go have a look soon!

Kindergarten this week have looked even further ahead to winter, exploring a frozen wonderland tray! The children moved toy cars through the glittery snow, and discovered the textures of fluffy snowballs and sticky playdough snowmen! The rain didn’t stop Kindergarten going outside this week, using all the different bikes and trikes in the front garden. Some children developed their independence by finding their own coats and trying to put them on all by themselves – great job everyone! Back inside in the art studio the children explored a colour activity, where lots of different coloured paints were set up. The children discovered what can happen when two colours are mixed together – how adding white can make it paler, and adding black makes it dark…and how mixing all of them together tends to make a brown!!

Pre-School this week have also been getting creative in the art studio, taking part in a dino themed mark making session. The children dipped their toy dinosaurs into paint and pressed them onto paper, making quirky footprint masterpieces! Pre-School this week also explored a tray of flour, and explored how you can make marks in it with your hands. The children were encouraged to write letters – how many letters of the alphabet to you know? Do you know the first letter of your name? The children took turns really well, shaking the tray clean so each child could have a go! Some children this week used magnifying glasses to explore a tray full of different resources. They used to glasses to look carefully at different shells and pebbles, and discussed what they could see up close!