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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 9th March 2020)

This week in Coombe Dingle, our babies have been exploring symmetry! The children painted beautiful pastel shapes on one side of the paper, and Steph showed them how folding it in half creates a beautiful mirror image. Some babies have been exploring a floury tray this week, looking at all the different ways they can make marks – some children used toy cars and trucks, moving them across to leave trails, whereas some thought their own hands and feet did a better job! With the warmer weather approaching babies have been getting green fingered, planting herb and flower seeds. The babies focussed really well spooning the soil into pots, and carefully sprinkling the seeds on and then watering them!

Kindergarten this week have been engaging in all sorts of messy sensory play! Some children (and staff!) got stuck into a shaving foam tuff tray, full of aquatic animals. The children discovered how fun it is to CLAP your hands and send shaving foam everywhere! Out in the top garden Kindergarten have been exploring the mud kitchen, role playing with the pots, pans and tools to create delicious (yet sadly imaginary) meals! Back inside some children have been discovering the gear toys, figuring out how they fit together and how one gear turns another.

This week Pre-School have been welcoming in Spring by painting daffodils in the art studio! The children used felt tip pens to carefully copy the shapes and colours of the flowers, and then later on even used the flowers as brushes to paint with. In the tuff tray this week Pre-School have been exploring playdough – using rollers, stamps and stencils to mould and shape the mixture and discuss how it feels in their hands. Some children have been conducting experiments with Becky this week, gathering different objects to find out which ones sink or float in water! The children took it in turns to test their objects, and talked about the results and why it might be – “This will sink because it’s heavy”. Good work Pre-School!