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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 6th May 2019)

This week in Coombe Dingle, the children in Nursery have been exploring squelchy, gloopy custard! The babies used their hands at first to feel the mixture – it’s so sticky – and then discovered how moving spoons and cups through the mix can leave marks on the tray. Some children played with the toy trains this week, learning how the pieces of track fix together and creating long routes for the trains to travel down! Some children took part in some al fresco mark making this week, choosing some paints and paper to take out into the rooftop garden. The babies used different toys pressed into the paint to make amazing stamped marks!

Kindergarten this week have been discovering lots of new books! Some children read with adults, listening carefully to the story, whilst some explored books independently. This week the children also explored the 3D shapes, using them as stamps! The children discovered how one side of the shape can leave a different mark on paper. Kindergarten spent some time exploring a sensory tray full of mash potato! The tray was dotted with numbered pebbles and shapes, the children developed their maths skills by spotting as many different numbers as possible!

This week Pre-School worked together as a team to create a colourful batch of salt dough! The children read through the ingredients, and used their hands to squish the mixture together…they then shared the dough out, using their hands and different tools to make marvellous shapes! In the construction area some children used the foam bricks to build lots of different structures, tall towers and big buildings – the dinosaur house was a big success! Some children chose to play in the art studio this week, putting on their aprons and painting at the easels. The children explored lots of different ways to make marks with the brushes – dots, lines, curves and circles!