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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 4th March 2019)

This week in Coombe Dingle, some of the babies have been exploring their new role play corner! This time it is themed around the emergency services – the children have been exploring the different outfits they can wear, the different toys they can play with, as well as looking at pictures of doctors, police officers, and fire engines! In the art studio some babies have been painting away using the metallic paints, making marks using brushes and rollers and creating wonderful masterpieces. Some children also took part in a fruit tasting session this week, using the different signs to show what the fruit looks like before it is prepared! The children explored the different tastes and textures of pineapple, strawberry…and lemon!

Kindergarten this week have been making some noise! The children have spent lots of time exploring the musical instruments, moving the shakers and beating the drums to create their own rhythmic patterns. In the art area the children have been discovering stencils, carefully holding the pattern in place whilst drawing around the inside of it. Kindergarten have also been making crafty bracelets this week, using colourfully painted pasta threaded through pipe cleaners! Out in the garden the children have been really active, using the footballs in different ways. Can you throw the ball into the net? Can you kick it into the goal? SCORE!

This week Pre-School have been exploring water balloons! Out in the garden the children used the water pump to carefully fill their balloons – who can fill theirs up the most?! They then lined up in a row and had a water balloon race, who can throw theirs the furthest! In the art studio this week the children have been talking about posting letters. They made their own envelopes, and stuck the stamps in the corner. They talked about who they would send their letters to, and carefully taped the letters up so they wouldn’t fall out! Pre-School’s role play corner has also changed this week, becoming a science lab! The children have been donning their white coats and safety goggles, exploring the weights and scales and creating marvellous imaginary medicines!