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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 4th February 2019)

This week at Coombe Dingle, our Nursery children have been looking after their own babies! They set up a washing station, and used the bubbly water to make the dolls sparkling clean. Afterwards they even helped dry them by wrapping them up in warm fluffy towels! In the art studio this week, some babies explored mark making using different toys and utensils. They discovered how different toy animals will leave different marks on paper when dipped into paint! Babies also spent time this week exploring a sensory tray full of pasta hoops, using their fine motor skills to grip spoons and bowls and move the mixture around!

This week Kindergarten also got stuck into some sensory activities. This week the children explored a tray full of brightly coloured mashed potato – using ladles, spoons and mixers to blend the colours together and make lots of different shapes! Kindergarten have also spent lots of time by the water station this week, exploring lots of different toys and making sure to splash as much as possible – better make sure we wear our aprons! The children have also been very creative in the art studio this week, making lots of different cards for the special loved ones in our lives. Kindergarten used a variety of fabric pieces, sequins, felt tips and pencils to make beautiful artwork!

Pre-School worked as a brilliant team this week, using big pieces of paper laid out in the dining room to create an interactive story! Each child drew on a different piece of paper, and then they took turns to narrate the story based on what they had drawn. Pre-School have also been exploring their new role play corner, which this month is a Police Station. The children have been dressing up and role playing, and in groups they discussed how the police help us and what we can do to help them! Some children also took on the role of detective, searching the area for their missing toys. Great investigation work! Pre-School also played a game this week – Sophie gave them a special sticker that said “I like this toy”, which the children then got to stick on whatever they liked the most! Pre-School then drew what they had chosen on the sticker.