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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 3rd June 2019)

This week in Coombe Dingle, the babies explored a tray full of stretchy, sticky slime! Some children watched as the staff stre-e-etched the mixture out, whilst some independently explored with their hands or using tools, manipulating and making marks in the mixture. Some children sat together to make collages this week, choosing from a range of art resources – feathers, glitter, card – and carefully using glue to stick them into place. This week Nursery explored a tuff tray filled with shredded wheat and toy trains! The children moved the trains back and forth, enjoying the crunching noise it made…they also scrunched up the shredded wheat and enjoyed watching it flutter down from a height!

Kindergarten this week had a very special fluffy visitor…Blue the puppy! Blue is Molly’s Shar Pei, and the children gathered round to say hello. They listened to the instructions of kind hands, and carefully stroked Blue and watched as he explored the room! Outside in the lower garden, lots of children explored the sandpit this week. They used spades to fill up lots of buckets to make sandcastles, and explored how sieves can strain sand. Back inside some children explored the model teeth this week, using actual toothpaste! The children discussed what the tootpaste was like – minty! Cold! And then used the brush to mime how to clean your teeth properly.

This week Pre-School have been engaging with lots of letter recognition activities this week! The children explored the larger gel letters, using pencils to carefully trace around them. They also took part in a matching game, choosing from the pile of letters in front of them and matching them to their pieces of paper. Some children participated in some physical exercise this week, taking their mats downstairs to the dining room and enjoying some stretchy yoga! The children copied Sophie and Mark’s poses and did a really good job. Pre-School have been monitoring our fruit and vegetable patch this week – and were very excited to discover the strawberries have started to grow! Some children knew not to pick them too early – you have to wait until they are red! The children picked them and shared them with their friends…yummy!