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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 3rd February 2020)

This week in Coombe Dingle, our babies have been feeling the love with some Valentines themed crafts! The children have been exploring pastel paints, using dabbers to make marks over heart shaped stencils. Beautiful! Some children focused really well this week in an activity with Kay, who had wrapped lots of different toy animals in tin foil. The children carefully unwrapped them, trying to work out what all the animals could be and concentrating really well! This week the children engaged with a colourful textural tray, engaging all their senses. The babies discovered how the world changes colour through cellophane, and used their hands to crinkle the different types of paper and crunchy rice krispies!

Kindergarten this week have been working on their letter recognition, tackling a tray full of baked beans dotted with the alphabet! The children used tweezers to carefully pick out letters, and talked about which ones they had found. Kindergarten have also been exploring shapes this week, learning the names and discussing what makes them different – how many sides do they have? Can you count them? Kindergarten have been really active this week, spending lots of time in the garden exploring all the invitations to play. Some children have been practicing their hand eye coordination with the balls and nets, whilst some have been learning how to hula hoop!

This week Pre-School have been learning about magnets, and how they work! The children explored the room, working together to discover what magnets would stick to and what won’t. Pre-School have also been talking about hand washing this week, why we do it and how we can do it properly. Katie showed the children a step by step guide and they followed instructions really well! To acknowledge Children’s Mental Health week, some of our children went outside for a ‘Five Minute Brain Boost’! They did lots of different exercises to help their brains and bodies get started for the day. Then the children talked about feelings – “Be the reason someone smiles today”- and who they were going to make smile with their actions!