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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 3rd August 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle the babies have got stuck in to lots of different sensory experiences.  Some children explored a tray of shredded paper, discovering the different toys hidden inside and had lots of fun watching the paper fall down like snow! In the rooftop garden this week babies have kept cool with their own individual water trays, using different tools to make big splashes and puddles!

Kindergarten this week have been getting really creative with an arts and crafts activity! The children independently chose what to do with the different resources – some chose to stick pieces to paper to make a collage, whilst some explored how to safely use scissors to cut into card. Other children this week have been talking about feelings, using the mirror to look at their own facial expressions and match them with the ‘emotion bears’!

This week Pre-School have spent lots of time outside in the fresh air! The children have been exploring the bat and ball games as well as the hula hoops, doing big JUMPS between them on an obstacle course as well as using them as targets to practice throwing balls through. Great aim! This week Pre-School have also been getting creative with paper, decorating the page and carefully cutting out shapes to make masks and crowns – amazing!