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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 29th June 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle, the babies have spent lots of time outside – whatever the weather! Early in the week the children wrapped up in their coats and waterproofs to explore the top garden. The children loved playing in the music area, tapping the drums and exploring how hitting the triangles make different noises. On sunnier days the children played in the newly decked rooftop garden, exploring the pushalong toys and playing hide and seek in the tepee!

Kindergarten this week have been looking closely at the lockbox toys, exploring the different clasps and latches. The children talked about the different colours of the boxes, and which shapes fit into the right box! Kindergarten have also been role playing with babies this week, feeding them their bottles and changing their nappies.

This week Pre-School have been getting green fingered, planting some cress seeds! The children decorated their individual plant pots, carefully placed the seeds in and watered them – then took them home to see if they will grow. Pre-School have been exploring papier mache this week, following instructions to rip up the newspaper and carefully glue it onto a balloon. They then discovered how the mache keeps its shape, even after the balloon is popped – wow!