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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 29th April 2019)

This week in Coombe Dingle, the babies have been making a SPLASH! They spent lots of time exploring a soapy sudsy water tray, creating lots of bubbles by moving cups and boats through the water. In the art studio this week some children have been exploring different ways of making marks, creating hand printed masterpieces and exploring how to use the dabbing sponges to create circles. Out in the rooftop garden this week a mathematics tray was set up for the babies to explore, they discovered all the different puzzles and built amazing tall towers from the construction blocks!

Kindergarten have had such a busy week, spending lots of time in the art studio developing their creative skills! Some children have been working on their letter recognition, using their name labels and working with a carer to discover what lines create the letters of their names. Kindergarten also made amazing art this week, by putting paint and pasta pieces in a tray. The children held one end of the tray and with a shake-shake-shake the pasta moves across the paper leaving a masterpiece! Some children also discovered the large magnets this week. They noticed that when held against something metallic the magnet stays in place – wow! The children then explored what surfaces the magnets will stick to or not.

This week Pre-School took some mirrors into the art studio.The children looked carefully at themselves – how many eyes do you have? Is it five… NO! Two blue eyes! The children then used pens to create brilliant self portraits. The children also spent lots of time in their new role play area, which is now a Charity Shop! Pre-School searched through the rails and drawers for all kinds of wonderful things to buy. They created lots of new outfits, accessorized with jewelry, and explored some of the technology that was in there. Out in the garden some children went on a number hunt – Katie had hidden lots of numbered plates in and around. Once the children discovered them all, they then used leaves and pieces of bark to count up to the number they found.