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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 22nd April 2019)

This week in Coombe Dingle, the babies spent lots of time in the spring sunshine! In the rooftop garden they played on the slide, in the ballpit, and pushed along the ridealong toys…as well as running around popping lots of bubbles that were floating through the air! To celebrate St George’s day, some children decorated paper flags using red and white paint. They used brushes as well as their fingers to make marks on the paper. Some children explored a tray full of peas! The children used spoons to carefully pour the peas into different containers, and used their imagination as they played with toy dinosaurs in the tray.

The weather was warmer this week, but in Kindergarten things were feeling a bit frozen! The children arrived into the room this week to discover all the toy animals were trapped in an icy block – luckily there were pipettes filled with warm water, which the children used to carefully melt the ice and free the animals. In the garden this week the children explored the water area, discovering how the water moves through the different pipes and tubes, and how they can change its course by moving the objects! Back indoors some children have been developing their number recognition, using the art easel painted with numbers on. The children talked about which numbers they could recognise – how far can you count?!

Pre-School this week had a very messy, sticky, sensory activity! The children gathered round a tray full of water, different coloured paints, glitter and shaving gel. The children used pipettes and measuring jugs to mix all the resources together, creating a magical gloopy mixture that the children explored with their hands – “It feels cold!” “It’s so sticky”. Outside, the children have been noticing all the animals that are arriving back into the garden this Spring. Pre-School have been searching for minibeasts in the vegetable patch, and making sure there is plenty of food in the bird feeder for all of our feathered visitors!