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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 13th May 2019)

This week in Coombe Dingle, all of the children have spent lots of time outside enjoying the beautiful warm weather! The babies have been exploring all the physical resources – crawling through the tunnel, hiding in the den – as well as splashing about in a water tray. Some babies have been cooking this week, baking up some jam tarts! The children used rolling pins to roll out the dough, and carefully spooned out the jam into the tarts. In the art studio some children have been creating beautiful collages, choosing different resources to stick to the paper with glue.

Kindergarten this week have been getting very artistic in the garden! An invitation to play was set up using the base of the tuff tray wrapped in clingfilm, the children used brushes to make marks using paint. With the sun shining through it almost looked like a stained glass window! Back inside the children also explored an animal matching game, looking carefully at the different dogs and cats and placing them together. Some children discovered the sensory bottles this week, which are all filled with different materials. What happens when you shake the different bottles – do they make a loud noise, or soft?

Pre-School have been very busy at the cooking station this week, making lots of baked goodies! The children worked together through the recipe, counting the cups needed of flour, sugar etc. They then all got to take home a piece of cake – yum! In the top garden, the children explored the construction area. They used their imaginations to build amazing creations using the wooden blocks. In the vegetable patch the children have been monitoring the growth of our potatoes and tomatoes, they talked about what plants need to help them grow – “Sunshine and water!”