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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 11th March 2019)

This week at Coombe Dingle has been a bit of a wet and windy week, but that has not stopped our babies.  Some of our babies have been exploring the outdoor area this week, making sand castles in a large sandpit with the older children.  In our roof top garden some of our babies seemed really excited to try out our physical equipment and even sang different rhymes when on the equipment.  “Seesaw Margery Daw.”  Also in our Nursery room they have been making “a friend at Red Bus” book for the children to look at throughout the day.  The children seemed really pleased when they notice themselves or people who are special to them.  What a lovely thing to make.

In Kindergarten this week they have been little chefs.  Some children have been making cakes and had great listening ears for all the instructions.  They even waited patiently to let them cook, they were worth the wait! The art studio has been a popular place to be this week.  The children have been exploring playdough and using their senses to see what they smelt of.  The children created different abstracted models using different open ended resources with the playdough, the feathers were a popular choice.  Some children have also been interested in mark making using felt tips.  What great control when holding the pen!

Pre-School this week have been on many different outings. Sea Mills park seemed a favourite. Pre-School have been super explorers and trying out all of the different play equipment that they could whilst at the park.  The Zip Wire was great!  Some other children at Pre-School have been making magic potions within their science lab, adding the glitter made it extra magic.  During Letters and Sounds we have been focusing on rhyming activities, playing rhyming lotto, what a great game. The children have also been making Hedgehogs out of playdough and used match sticks for the hedgehogs back.  The children and the key person talked about why we don’t see hedgehogs in the day very much and that they are nocturnal – meaning they sleep through the day.  The children were really interested in this and found out about other animals who are nocturnal.