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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 10th June 2019)

This week in Coombe Dingle, the rainy weather did not stop our babies from going out and exploring in the fresh air! In the rooftop garden the children explored the water, splish-splashing with their hands and exploring the toy fish. Some children discovered jumping in the puddles with your wellies on is great fun!! Some children explored the bigger garden this week, spending time in the construction area and in the mud kitchen. The children moved the mud from bowls to cups, and cooked up some delicious meals! Back inside the children discovered a wibbly wobbly tray full of jelly. The children used scoops and spoons to explore the mixture, and discovered – wow – lots of different fruit and vegetables hidden in it!

Kindergarten this week have also been spending time in the top garden, exploring all the different ways we can move our bodies. The children carefully balanced on the beams, and took careful risks with jumping and landing on the grass safely. Some children collected lots of different natural resources, and participated in a leaf printing exercise – they carefully placed the leaves in different coloured paint, and pressed and peeled them away to reveal a delicate pattern! Some children also worked together as a team this week, using large sheets of paper to draw a road map for their toy cars! They used pencils and pens to work out a route that they could then all share.

Pre-School this week explored a tuff tray full of shaving foam and various objects! The children discovered how to make marks in the foam using their hands, and how clapping them together makes the foam fly up!! In the art studio this week some children chose to paint amazing artwork, taping paper to the easels and choosing from a range of colours to draw with. This week the Pre-Schoolers also read an exciting book called ‘There’s a Tiger in the Garden’! The children used their best listening ears as they went through the story, and afterwards discussed the book and created their own drawings of tigers!