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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 10th February 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle, we have been feeling the love in celebration of Valentine’s Day! Babies have been exploring lots of red themed sensory trays, full of different resources and materials to explore. The children have also been creating beautiful bouquets of roses, painting their hands to create the petals! In the dining room this week babies took part in a food tasting session, combining it with a fruit jigsaw puzzle. The babies looked at the different shapes, and recognised some of them – then had a taste of the fruit they found! Some babies also explored teeth brushing this week, looking at lots of different animals showing off their grins! The children used brushes and toothpaste to role play brushing, and even mimed brushing their own teeth!

Kindergarten this week have been getting ready for the first signs of spring! They have been planting up lots of things – beans, poppies and marigolds – using the trowels to carefully cover the seeds in soil, and spoke about what flowers need to grow and be healthy. Kindergarten have also been on lots of trips this week, wrapping up warm and enjoying the sunshine. Some children looked at books at the library, whilst some enjoyed Sea Mills park – having a quick snack before exploring all of the swings and slides! To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the children have been in the art studio, making fruit prints with strawberries! The children carefully pressed them into the paint and paper, and made beautiful heart shaped artwork!

This week Pre-School have been busy in the top garden, working as a team to create a den! The children chose from lots of different resources and fabrics, working together to build their creation and play inside it. Inside in the art studio the children have been talking about love, and special people in our lives. They talked about how we show our love to people, and drew all the different ways! Outside on the tarmac, the children discovered a chalk alphabet this week! The children looked at all the different letters, and recognised the ones that were in their name.