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This Week in Coombe Dingle (W/C 10th August 2020)

This week at Coombe Dingle, Babies have been exploring lots of individual sensory trays! Some children used their hands to move through a tray of lentils and dried beans, feeling the different textures and finding different toy animals. Other children kept cool with a fishing game, developing their fine motor skills by using nets to pick up fish! Out in the rooftop garden children explored mark making with crayons, tracing around different objects to make different shapes.

Kindergarten have also been mark making this week, choosing from lots of different stamps, sponges and stencils. The children explored how each one left a different type of mark on the paper, and made lots of multi-coloured creations! In the hot weather some children have been keeping cool with individual water trays playing with different toy animals and making a big SPLASH!

This week Pre-School have been taking part in lots of different searching games. Some children went on a hunt for different brightly coloured gems, looking around the garden and collecting as many as possible – they then counted out how many they had and talked about the different colours they found. In the front garden some children went on a shape hunt, ticking them off the list as each new shape was discovered! Back inside the children have been talking lots about hand washing. The children drew around their hands onto whiteboards and ‘cleaned up’ the germs, talking about how important it is to wash our hands regularly!