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This Week at Forest School – From Jenni & Judi (W/C 16th March 2020)

With a lot of changes happening on a daily basis and some families unfortunately having to isolate for weeks at a time, we have put together 10 activity ideas that can be done whilst at home to keep the children (and maybe even adults) entertained.

  • Writing letters or drawing pictures to give to loved ones. This could include making birthday/event cards for events that will be coming up across the year.







  • Cooking/baking; encourage the children to get involved in preparing meals, maybe trying out new recipes with foods you may already have.







  • Reminisce on things that have happened. Get out any photo albums and talk about who is in the photos at what was happening at the time.







  • Draw or create a family tree. A great opportunity to look at photos, talk about families and to get creative together. Children could get involved by drawing the family members themselves.









  • Treasure hunts; these can be done inside as well as out (if you are lucky enough to have a garden). Write up some clues, hide some prizes and let the fun begin.







  • Movie sessions; ask your children to choose a movie, but instead of telling you what they want to watch, get them to draw a poster that shows you.








  • ‘Family’s got talent’ show; each member of the family to show the rest of them a talent they have or put on a show for them.








  • Indoor picnics; get the children to bring their favourite cuddly toys and have an indoors teddy-bears picnic.







  • Recycled indoor games; use toilet roll middles and decorate them. Use these as skittles for some indoor bowling games.








  • Sorting games with their toys; old vs new (could be an opportunity to recycle toys they no longer use) or by shape or colour.