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This Week at Forest School – Downend (W/C 6th May 2019)

Jenni’s Forest School 

We found some treasure on our forest school sessions this week. We found lots and lots of fir cones, but also some flowers that were blue! We had a look at them and talked about their shape and colour and even had a sniff to see what they smelled like. Some of us thought they smelled like sweets, whilst others thought it smelled of flowers.











We also found a new field to explore, where we found some more dandelion clocks.

“What’s the time Mr Wolf?”

“Time to blow the dandelion clocks!”










Also in the field was lots of long wavy grass. We lay down in it to see what it felt like; it was very tickly and made a funny noise when the wind blew through it!

We tried rolling down the hill in the long grass which was a bit tricky as we got tangled up and had to try and escape. We noticed however, that it was leaving marks I the grass so we lay back down and made some grass angels by moving our arms and legs around like we do to make snow angels. What a lot of fun!










Further into the woods, we found some logs that were joined together to make a circle. We sat here to eat our well-deserved snack before exploring the logs, seeing how far along them we could climb and crawl. It was tricky to get on them to start with, but once we were up it was easier to balance.








We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, hearing about a little boy who grew some magical beans to take him on an adventure. We worked together to plant some of our own magic beans in some recycled pots. I wonder what they might grow into?


















Don’t forget; if you would like to plant some vegetables of your own or decorate a plant pot to take away, it is our Garden open Day this Friday 10th May at Downend from 3-6pm. There will also be a garden themed colouring competition with a prize for the winner!

Just one last thing….something important that we mustn’t forget….this weeks joke!

“Knock Knock”

“Who’s there?”


“Fee Fi who?”

“Fee-fi fo fum, I smell the blood of an Englishman!”


Have a lovely week everybody