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This Week at Forest School – Downend (W/C 4th March 2019)

Jenni & Jodie’s Forest School 

Due to the very windy weather this week, we have carried out our sessions on site this week in order to keep nice and safe. Don’t worry though….this has not stopped the fun; we have still had lots of fun and giggles!

Once we had remembered our 3 golden rules, we spent some time swinging in the hammocks like Betsy Bunny. We learned how to safely get in and out of the hammock; some of us sometimes ended up facing a different way but it was very funny.










We then listened to a story about a guinea pig called Christopher Nibbles. He single handedly saved Dandeville from running out of dandelions by caring and nurturing one dandelion until it turned to seeds. He then blew the seeds across the town to grow more dandelions for his friends and family.








We worked together to fill some glass jars with some compost. We took turns at putting handfuls into the jars, making sure that they didn’t overflow or spill onto the floor.










Once we had the compost, we talked about what we might need to make a flower grow in the compost. One of our friends said “we need a baby flower which is called a seed!” Jenni was very impressed with this answer and showed us some seeds she had in her packet. We tried to guess what they might be but we weren’t sure. We each put a sunflower seed into our compost and pressed it down to make sure it was covered.










Finally, we decided that our seeds might be a bit thirsty. We took them over to the outside tap to give them a drink. It was a bit tricky because if we turned the tap too far, lots and lots of water came out, but it did make us giggle a lot!










Our joke this week is in honour of Christopher Nibbles…

“When does a guinea pig say moo?”

                                “When it is learning a new language!”

Have a great week everybody

Jenni and Jodie