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This Week at Forest School – Downend (W/C 4th February 2019)

Jenni & Jodie’s Forest School 

This week took a muddy turn but what a lot of fun we had!


We started our sessions by putting out our flags to make sure that the site was nice and safe.

“This maked me slide. I put my flag here!”

Once we knew the site was safe, we had to check that we could remember how to keep safe if any dogs came near us.

“X-Factor Arms” Jenni called and we all responded with the arms as we should….great remembering everybody!

We went squelch squerch, squelch squerch through the icky sticky mud. It was a bit slippery but we still had fun playing “1, 2, 3 where are you?”

We learned a lot about teamwork this week. We found a super slippery muddy hill, which we have named ‘Mucky Mud Mountain”.

It was tricky to climb up the hill but we all wanted to try. Some of the adults wanted to try as well so we helped them by holding their hand while they walked up.

“Come on Grace; you can do it!”

“Oh wait-maybe not…….see you later….I’m off!!”

There were a lot of opportunities for physical development during our sessions. We explored lots of different ways of moving up and down the hill; we tried going forwards and backwards as well as sideways like a crab. We also tried going down on our bottoms and like snakes on our tummies until we found a super fun way…. “Come on Jenni…..We crawl like tigers!”

After lots of fun on Mucky Mud Mountain we went back to site to find the sticks we collected during our walk to forest school. We read a story about Freddie and his magical fairy who kept making mistakes with her spells. Using our sticks we made our own special wands to help the fairy get things right again. We decorated them with pipe cleaners and some super sparkly ribbon with magical powers before casting our own spells.

“Bibbity bobbity fa la la”


Finally, after lots of fun and laughter already, here is our joke of the week


“What do you call a fairy that doesn’t like to shower?”



Have a great week everybody.

Jenni and Jodie