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This Week at Forest School – Downend (W/C 29th April 2019)

Jenni’s Forest School 

This week has been all about exploring the forest, using our senses and taking part in new experiences.

When we got to the forest, we set off down a new path. At each opportunity Jenni gave us the choice of which way to go. We learned which way is left, which way is right and which way is straight ahead. This provided some lovely opportunities for us to talk about what we could see, smell and hear and to spend time talking to our friends!










In the forest we found some steps made from stone which we climbed down….and discovered a bridge over a stream!

We looked through the bridge at the stream to see if we could see any fish; none this time! We each chose a stick to hold over the stream, when Jenni and Chloe counted to 3, we dropped our sticks into the stream to watch them float away. A perfect day for Pooh-Sticks!

















We carried on exploring the forest and found a stone cubby hole. We sat here to have our snack and listen to our story; Jack and the beanstalk.








In the field behind our cubby hole was lots of space for running around. We had some running races which made us laugh lots as we found it hard running in the long grass!

Whilst having our running races we stumbled upon a golden treat…..a giant patch of dandelions, buttercups and dandelion clocks! We spent a lot of time blowing the dandelion clocks, spreading the seeds across the field and watching them fly in the wind.














Jenni taught us something about the buttercups. We held them under our chin to see what happened.  If they make our chin glow yellow; it means we like to eat butter. We all took it in turns to see who likes butter…..we all do! Even Jenni!










On our way back out of the forest we found some beautiful pink flowers. We know they are not called blossom, but we aren’t really sure what they are. Does anybody know please?








What a busy week we have had; just time to show you our two new friends we saw in the forest!










“Why didn’t the butterfly go to the dance?”

“Because it was a moth ball!”

Have a great week everybody