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This Week at Forest School – Downend (W/C 13th May 2019)

Jenni’s Forest School 

We would like to thank everybody who came along to our Gardening Open day. We had a lot of fun and hope you did too!

The children had lots of fun taking part in some gardening activities:

  • Making bird feeders; we used some lard which we spread over some cardboard roll using  knife. It was a bit tricky as the lard is slippery! Then we added some bird seed to the lard and hung them from some string.








  • We used sticky tape, feathers, bug stickers and match sticks to decorate our own plant pots to take home.









  • Once we had decorated our plant pots, we filled them with compost and chose whether we would like to plant a sunflower or some peppers. We added the seeds and pushed them down into the soil and added an instruction label.










  • On one table we had a colouring competition. We chose a picture and used the coloured pens to colour in pictures of flowers and insects. The winner of this colouring competition is Daniel; Well Done Daniel! There is a prize for you in the Pre-school room.








  • We had a compost lucky dip where we could dig through the compost to find some prizes. Everybody found a prize, from a whistle to a disc shooter….which were all lots of fun to play with!










  • Finally, we had a vegetable feely box. We put our hands through two holes in the box to see what we could feel. We felt lots of shredded paper, but also some carrots, some cabbage, a cauliflower and something we weren’t sure about; a swede.








As you can see, we really did have a lot of fun and have raised some more money towards buying a potato planter for the garden.

During the next week we are adding some more produce to the produce stall. This week Pre-school have been planting some carrots, some pumpkins and some beetroot!

These will be available in the produce stall in the main hallway for you to purchase for donations towards our gardening fundraising.










     What did the flower say to the flower beside him?

                          Move over bud!


Have a lovely week everybody