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This Week at Forest School – Downend (W/C 11th March 2019)

Jenni & Jodie’s Forest School 

What a strange week for the weather! We started the week with a lovely session in the forest, but had to carry the rest of the sessions out on site; sometimes even indoors! We won’t let the weather stop us!

We always have red flags out to mark the boundary of forest school, but when we are out in the forest, we also use yellow ones to mark things that may be unsafe; what a great job everybody did of putting them out to keep their friends safe.










Our friend Betsy Bunny is a bit frightened of the wind. We took good care of her; giving her cuddles and making sure she was safe. She’s very soft so we gave her lots of strokes to reassure her.










There are lots of opportunities for hiding in the forest when we play ‘1, 2, 3 where are you?’

We found some good ways to make sure we couldn’t see where our friends were going to hide. Some of us hid our eyes behind our hands, whilst some of us stood by the trees to count, which tickled our noses and made us laugh.










Then we ran off to find our friends…








This weeks story was all about a rabbit called Lettice who was invited to a fairy ball where she got to meet the queen! We spent a lot of time talking about what we would wear to meet the queen. Some of us wanted to wear dresses, some a suit and one of us even wanted to wear a dragon cape. Next we talked about what the queen might wear to meet us. We all decided that she would definitely wear a crown!

Using long strips of card, we stuck items of our choice onto the card.



















Once we had finished, Jenni measured us up for our head sizes and we were proudly presented with our forest crowns.



















What a busy week, just time left for this weeks joke….

“ Where do kings and queens get crowned?”

                “On the head!”

Have a great week everybody

Jenni and Jodie