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This Week at Forest School – Downend (W/C 10th February 2020)

This week has been a strange one for Forest School.

Storm Ciara has shown us what she is made of; sending winds so strong that we were unable to go out!

With this in mind we would like to share some of our favourite moments from Forest School so far in 2020….



Reading stories on the large logs





Playing hide and seek in the tree.




“Ready or not, here I come!”






Squelching through the sticky mud




“It’s like ice skating but it’s brown and splashy!”




Playing in the stream; splashing our way through, climbing along the stepping stones and playing pooh-sticks








Searching for different colours as new flora and fauna (plants and wildlife) make their appearances










Planting our own seeds; in particular using the seeds from inside peppers from the kitchen to grow into pepper plants











We hope you have enjoyed sharing some of our favourite moments with us.

Hopefully by next week Storm Dennis will have come and gone and we can get back out and enjoy the forest again!