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This Week at Forest School – Coombe Dingle (W/C 9th March 2020)

Hello to you all,

We have had lots going on at Forest School this week with many different things going on. Babies had a great time down at the river.

We are all tucked up and ready to go. Come on then, who’s going to push us?










And now for our concert……..Judi is on the ukulele and supporting her are the “Baby Band” on the shakers.










I can handle two shakers, ready…… shake, shake , shake.








Me too, I’m ready to shake, rattle and roll.










I will just do some quiet shaking in the background.










And now for my ukulele solo, it does make a lovely sound when you strum the strings.










OK, That’s enough. Everybody put your shakers back in the basket please.










Phew that was tiring and it made me hungry. It’s definitely time for a snack.










Hurry up and eat everyone or there won’t be time for throwing sticks on the bridge!










Hurray, lots of sticks for us. Come on, let’s get throwing!










One for me,










One for me










I am going to throw this one.










I think this is the best stick, if I throw it in the water it may float all the way out to sea.










Not many sticks left now…Oh dear.








All gone! That WAS fun










Meanwhile back in the top garden our Pre-Schoolers have been painting with leaves and twigs.

I am getting a really good pointillism effects using this Lawson Cedar frond, yes indeed, I’m enjoying this.










Me too, the way the paint sticks on allows for some excellent stylised chiaroscuro effects.










Actually I am angling towards surrealism with just a hint of cubism to reflect the angst of modern society and its influence on the modern post-impressionist mind.










I’m just painting with a leaf!










Hello Wurzel!










Story time! We are hearing about where insects and animals go when it rains. Now we are going around the garden to see if we can find any insects anywhere. Here is a tip…. Look under the leaves if it is raining.








I’ve got a small woodlouse in here.










I’ve got a snail!










Look what I’ve got……a worm!










And this is a big woodlouse. I used my gentle hands to collect it and now I’m putting it back where I found it and don’t worry, I will wash my hands when I get back into the nursery.










SEE, we told you we’d been busy!

See you next week

Goodbye from Judi, Katie, Laura and the Forest School team.