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This Week at Forest School – Coombe Dingle (W/C 4th March 2019)

Judi’s Forest School 

Hello Everyone, Happy March!

The weather has been testing us this week, suntan lotion or warm woolly mittens? Or both in the space of three minutes!

Luckily at Red Bus Forest School we are just about ready for any kind of weather and the tarpaulin has been doubly useful as a sunshade and a protection from the rain.

Babies had a great time out in the woods, enjoying a story with a rice cracker and a nice drink of water.



Hooray , it’s story time.

Today it’s all about a mouse and a fox and a snake and an owl.

AND…a Gruffalo!





We get to meet the characters from the story too.



Here is Owl.

He is very soft.






After the snack and story it was time to get back to Red Bus, no time for Pooh sticks today as the rain got quite heavy and we had to hurry back.

Meanwhile Pre- School have been enjoying their pancakes!



Everything ready?

We need to check out our Fire Rules and use our Listening Ears when we are around the fire.

Fire can’t hurt us if we follow the rules.





Fire is good fun when we can melt our Marshmallows










and pop our corn.










We all enjoyed our pancakes!










Lush, good texture.










Mmmmm nice flavour.



I’m just blowing on mine to make sure it is not too hot.

10 blows apparently!

I’m up to 7!





I will be going on trip advisor to recommend these !










And finally a good drink of water to wash it all down!



Cheers, everyone.







And now a calm and tranquil picture of treetops and the sky to give you all a chance to relax and refresh.



You’re welcome.





I am on holiday next week, a day trip on a canal boat and trip to the theatre are planned so far!

See you all again when I get back.


Bye from Judi, Laura and Katie