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This Week at Forest School – Coombe Dingle (W/C 4th February 2019)

Judi’s Forest School 

Wow! Well that was cold wasn’t it? I hope you all wrapped up well and enjoyed yourselves out and about last weekend.

On our walk up to Forest School camp we found some snowballs that had escaped the thaw

Can you see them?

When we arrived we decided to decorate one of our favourite trees with the snow balls

Don’t you think it looks good? We do!


It was nice to be a bit warmer but three of our toys are not so happy!

We liked the snow and ice!

We like being cold!

Oh dear, sorry polar bears and penguin!




There was a rope maze to have a go on …

Oh yes this is good, but….I think I may be getting a bit dizzy!!

Tell you what, try coming out again and that will un-dizzy you.

Did it work?





Wow! Look! Hammers! Can we have a go? Yes, but make sure you are careful.

No problems.

We had a visitor at Forest School. It wasn’t a dragon, it wasn’t a monkey, it was a GIANT, LONG worm!



This is definitely the longest worm any of us have ever seen.

We watched it for quite a while as it moved along going under the leaves and over the twigs. It was really fascinating.






The climbing frames were popular this week.

I can get higher!

I think I’m higher!

No, I’m pretty sure it’s me!

Never mind, you have both done really well to have a go – and it really doesn’t matter who is highest, it’s having a go that counts and not giving up.

We had some great games of 1,2,3 and when we got up to the field , guess what we saw in the distance?


It was SNOW!

We think it was what was left of a snowman.

We were right!

It is the remains of a snowman. Brr, it is cold!

Wait a minute. Who was it who wanted to be cold again?

Oh, yes, they look happy again. Is that better, penguin and polar bear?

We had fun with the snow as well.

And then!!!!!

Yes then!!!


We saw these.

These snowdrops were such a surprise , they are so beautiful………… I will leave you looking at them and say Goodbye until next week.

Judi, Laura and Katie

The Red Bus Forest School Team at Coombe Dingle