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This Week at Forest School – Coombe Dingle (W/C 3rd June 2019)

Judi’s Forest School

Hello Wild People!

How has your 30 Days Wild started off? I have had some great chats with parents telling me that they have been walking in the woods, collecting leaves and generally having a grand time in the great outdoors. The staff here at Red Bus are joining in too, their photos should soon be going up on our face book page, please send yours to Alice at  so that we can see what you have been up to. I have been for a bike ride, spotted wild flowers, walked in the woodland and on Sunday just sat and watched the rain falling!

Kindergarten had a wonderful session down at the stream looking for little pond creatures and just generally having a splashing time.










I am trying to catch a fish










I nearly caught that one!










This net will help me catch something










Let’s see what’s in here shall we?










I think I have caught something…LOOK!










Yes you have. It is a little shrimp!

Good fishing Kindergarten.

Pre- School have been searching for things too…Here we are searching for each other in our game of 1,2,3 Where are you?










We are hiding!!! They will never find us!










Uhh ohh ! I think they have seen us…..




















Look what else we found (if you don’t like spiders then don’t look too closely!)










So let’s see what we can find using our pooter.  Be careful to only suck the green pipe!!!!










We’ve put the little creatures into our magnifying box so that we can see them more clearly…….they do seem to have a lot of legs!!










Now we are shaking the tree to see what falls out , we are going to catch everything in our sheet










We are making our own wood biscuit insects too, most of us are making ladybirds.










Here is our resident pooter expert at work




And here is what he caught!






Keep wild everyone!  And why not bring in some of the wild things you find for our nature table.

Bye for now,

Judi, Laura and Katie