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This Week at Forest School – Coombe Dingle (W/C 29th April 2019)

Judi’s Forest School

Hi Everyone,

Goodbye April hello May, time is passing and we are seeing wonderful changes up in the woods as Spring is taking over! The children are learning so much just by sitting, looking around them and listening to the birds. It truly is magical to share this world with them.

Babies had fun listening to a story about Ned the hedgehog looking for a new home.










It’s a very good story, listen carefully everyone.










There’s a hedgehog in it.










Wow ! I didn’t expect that !










Ok, now I’m going to make my own hedgehog, an apple hedgehog! Watch carefully










You need to make holes then carefully poke in your twigs like this, when all the twigs are in you have made your apple hedgehog!

Time for a game of 123. The first team are off to hide.




…Now you see us




Now you don’t!










Now it’s our turn.








Story time








We are going to make something out of these big bits of wood










It is good to work together and help each other! Thank you friends!










We collected lots of different coloured leaves and had a go at some “Earth Art” What do you think of our pictures? We are quite proud of them. So here is our Art Gallery…….




Giraffe at Rest.








Smiling Mummy with Bits of Wood ( symbolising the many different tasks she carries with her)







Stegosaurus with Blue Boots (probably signifying something!)








Rabbit in the Wild.








Why don’t you have a go next time you go to the woods? It could be one of your Wild Challenges in June..for more information see below.

The insects are definitely out and about now, look at this beautiful spiders web that we spotted. Good Photo Cherisse.








When we rolled the log we saw LOADS of creatures










Sophie went on a butterfly hunt.




And she CAUGHT one! Well done Sophie. We let it go as soon as we had finished looking at it. Goodbye Butterfly!






We picked some more dandelions.










And then !!!! We had a go in a new contraption that we made!



















We don’t know what to call it yet and we learnt that we had to change some of our ideas as we went along, so although it may not look that great it was great fun!

But that’s not all folks! Next month is going to be “30 days wild” with Avon Wildlife Trust.










We would like you all to do one “wild” thing on every day in June. Can you do it? Yes you can! We have lots of ideas for you and there will be posters up and handouts with LOTS OF IDEAS. Come on everyone let’s go for it!!

Bye for now,

Judi, Laura and Katie.