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This Week at Forest School – Coombe Dingle (W/C 22nd April 2019)

Judi’s Forest School

Hello Everyone,

We hope you had a lovely Easter break and that you enjoyed all the chocolate!!

Our Babies decided that it was time to go for a paddle so off we went down to the stream. We had our journey sticks with us too to collect lots of different coloured leaves and flowers (not bluebells or other protected flowers).That was hard work so it was lovely to get to the cool stream










After a nice splashy paddle we decided to throw stones into the water to make some more splashes.










Such a lovely noise! Well done babies!

Up on the field it was time to pick dandelions



Wow, there are sooo many!





This one is a dandelion clock watch me blow it !








I think there are some better ones over here.








OK, so now we’ve picked the dandelions what are we going to do with them?


Put them onto this bit of cloth.

Fold it over.

Now use both hands so you can’t hit your fingers and make sure that there is no one around you.

Now BASH it with the rubber mallet.












That was good fun. But what have we made? Well shake out the bits of flower that are left.










It’s a flag!










I think mine is a beautiful picture.










Mine looks amazing!










Mine is absolutely fantastic!!!!

Have a go at home, but mind your fingers!

Our story this week has been “Superworm” so here we are searching for him.




I think he is in this hole, dig just a bit deeper everyone.






Hang on! I think we have found him!










Well, who would have thought it? TWO superworms!



(We put them back where we found them using our Forest School gentle hands)





Back at camp after a snack and a drink we decided to make something out of all the bits of wood that were all around.




This is the start.






Now we have added some more, How about this for a head?










Is it a dragon?  Is it a dinosaur?










What do you think it is?










We tried this head on it, but it was too small.










So maybe it is time to go butterfly hunting? Coming everyone?




Bye, see you next week!

Judi and Katie