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This Week at Forest School – Coombe Dingle (W/C 15th April 2019)

Judi’s Forest School

Hello to you all,

We hope you have a good Easter Break and get out for some lovely walks in the countryside. Our Babies had a grand time this week, our story was “Tap the Magic Tree”


Here we are looking at the lovely pictures in the book and tapping the tree to make the leaves grow.







Please can I have a look at that tree, please, please?










Wow, what lovely soft leaves.










Let’s make an elder necklace shall we? Can I have a bit of twig, please?










Now to choose a bit of wool, yellow? Red? Blue?










That looks lovely, thanks for helping me.










Meanwhile the rest of us have been having fun up in the woods. Here are some of the things we have been up to.

Climbing trees.




















Hammocking !!!( if it isn’t a word it should be!)










Finding Treasure










Opening Treasure.










Following trails.








Looking for clues










Looking for more clues!










And finally sitting down chatting, listening to the birds and having a go at making a wiggly worm from the elder beads.


It is good to be trying to do new things and it is also good to be able to ask for help. Not many of us can do things without help, we all need each other.




Hooray! I am sooooo pleased with my wiggly worm!!!!!


We have been doing more work in the garden and our sunflowers and pumpkins are just poking up! If you would like some Rocket or Chives please let us know we have LOTS!


Goodbye from our Forest School Team,


Judi Laura and Katie.