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This Week at Forest School – Coombe Dingle (W/C 10th February 2020)

Hello one and all,

Did you notice the wind this week? So did we! We don’t go up to the woods if the wind is over 25mph and we always check for wind damage before the children arrive at our site. So instead we have stayed in the garden for our Forest School sessions.

Hey everybody, if you lie on your back you can see the sky and watch for birds and aeroplanes. I can see…….birds and aeroplanes.










Oh yes, good idea, this is great.  We can see lots of things.










I wonder what those wires are for?

They go to the houses.

Yes, but why?…………..

I Know!


They are to keep the houses up. To stop them falling over.

Good thinking.

I like looking at things upside down like this.










I can see something here too. It moves when I do. It has much longer legs than me. What can it be?










The wind dropped on Friday so Babies managed to get to the stream and enjoy their snack and a story.

Birdie came along to say “Hello.”










We are doing some singing and using our shakers. Is it time to go to the stream and throw twigs in yet?










Yes! I love doing this.










Oh my goodness….What is that? What are they doing?










We are singing  Cheeka Cheeka and this is the bit where the man is scared!








Back in the garden we are having a story about a man in the woods who loses a glove and the animals move into this new warm place to live.










Here comes the bear










Here comes the mouse.










Going in to their nice new house.










Look out everyone, here comes a fox!










There are new things to see in the garden today. What can you find?

A ladybird!










Flowers growing!










Yes our crocuses  are growing in our recycled cups on the fence. Spring is on its way!

Goodbye from us all and have a happy Valentine’s Day. (There are hearts all around our setting: can you find them?)

Judi, Katie, Laura and the Forest School Team.