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Downend “The Build – Kindergarten Extension”

Commenced June 2020 – Completion 17th August 2020

Earlier this year before lockdown we entered into a process to get planning permission to extend the Kindergarten room in Downend. The extension meant that the terrace, steps and sandpit have been removed. During this time the Yurt and Kindergarten garden has not been in use.

The end result is one large Kindergarten room fully upgraded with steps to the garden with some revamping going on in this garden and the wider garden.

It’s really exciting for the nursery and in particular for that age group, I’m sure you will be pleased with the outcome!

We have recorded the process with pictures for you all to follow.

Pictures of Kindergarten prior to “the build”

Started Friday 12th June

The demolition in preparation for new foundations

Week commencing the 15th June

Floor joists. 

Work has commenced on the Kindergarten garden & behind Pre-School terrace throughout June

Week commencing the 22nd June

Over the next two weeks of June has seen the building works taking shape ready for the scaffolding. The Carpenters are very busy putting the finishing touches to the area back of Pre-School terrace  

July 2020

The month of July started with the roof erected followed later with the roof skylights. The internal work is now progressing, the back doors were moved to the back of the new extension and also two new windows to the side of the building and the gap was boarded up enabling the electricians and the plasters to carry on. Followed by the Decorators and Electricians fitting lovely new light fittings and sockets.

How exciting the scaffolding has now been removed to reveal our lovely new extension.

The last days of July the children vacated the old Kindergarten room to enable the temporary wall to be removed and the new flooring to be laid. Wow the children are going to love looking at the sky, birds and aeroplanes through the roof window. 

The external render has now been completed.

August 2020

The 3rd of August saw the lovely new flooring fitted and more decoration completed.

Followed by more external works to the back of the building to provide the walkway and outside steps and railings to enable the children to access the garden.

What’s to come?

Very exciting shopping trip for more furniture and resources for the new room and garden. Pictures to follow.        

These last two weeks will see the grounds of Kindergarten being tidied up, fences painted and the Yurt having a spruce up.  Outside storage cupboards being returned and the building site cleared.

We will be doing a virtual tour for everyone to see our amazing new environment for our 2 to 3 year olds at Red Bus so keep an eye out! 

We hope you love it! 🙂