29th May 2020


We are pleased to announce that the Government has confirmed that we are able to welcome some families back to Red Bus from 1st June.

If we have confirmed your child is returning from June we look forward to seeing them soon!

Please look out for more updates over the next few weeks.


22nd May 2020

Dear Parents/Carers,

We have been extremely busy absorbing the Government guidelines for the operation of nurseries, which have been regularly updated, to be fair they are pretty comprehensive. We have been using these guidelines to devise a nursery environment to meet Government expectations, all based around making it as safe as possible for parents, staff and children to allow a wider community of children to attend from 1st June. To be clear we are allowed to offer our service to all parents again from this date but only if we get approval on 28th May.

Thank you for your ongoing support and particularly your patience in waiting for our updates, it has been really helpful to not have to deal with large numbers of emails every day, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to – [email protected] .

The children that have been attending have been having a lovely time and we have already had back some key worker children in May that were previously able to be kept at home and despite their time away from Red Bus, they have come back in smoothly. For those who are returning, it will be a bit different for children, talk to them about it being an adventure, we are going to make their return as fun as possible.

I know those of you at home will have been doing an amazing job caring for your children more during this time, I’m sure you’ve loved spending more time with them. We have certainly missed all the children at Red Bus and can’t wait to see more of you soon when you are ready. As always, please stay safe and well.

If you did not receive our latest email with our ‘parent questions and answers’ document please email the address above (or your nursery who can direct your email to us) and we can re-send you this. 


31st March 2020

We would just like to confirm that we are open for key workers only.

Parent’s look for our updates via Facebook, here (website) or through emails.

Take care everyone!